​New Hampshire Family Visitation & Access Cooperative​

A continuum of services supporting family access and visitation programs




Each Visitation Center is separately run.  However, each follows a common set of standards which have been developed by the Cooperative.  All visitation centers adhere to specific domestic violence protocol to best ensure the safety of families.  Each center follows the national guidelines for separate arrival and departure times.  This ensures that parents have no contact with each other while using a visitation center that is a Cooperative member.

If you want information about how to use a visitation center in your area, or about the Cooperative, please contact the specific center.

       Fully supervised visits

       Partially supervised visits

       Supervised exchange services

Please contact individual centers for a list of fees for service.

The Family Visitation & Access Cooperative represents a group of Visitation Centers located throughout the states of New Hampshire and Vermont.  The Cooperative is working to improve the services that the member centers provide in their communities and is dedicated to statewide community education.  The Cooperative sponsors annual training sessions that include a variety of subjects relative to Supervised Visitation.  If you plan on opening a center and need guidance, or if you would like more information, please contact any of the member centers listed on this website.

All of the visitation centers provide the following services:

Dedicated to working together to provide supervised visitation & exchange services and help build safe and healthy relationships between children and their parents.

The Cooperative's Mission and Purpose Statements

MISSION STATEMENT:  The New Hampshire Family Visitation & Access Cooperative (NHFVAC) is a statewide organization of Visitation Centers that works in a coordinated effort to enhance services to victims of family violence, stalking, child abduction, and child abuse and neglect in New Hampshire.

PURPOSE STATEMENT:   The NHFVAC's purpose is to increase awareness of supervised visitation as an option in family violence cases as well as to provide education to the community about the importance of supervised visitation and exchange services.   The NHFVAC is committed to developing and adhering to best practice standards regarding child access services.


Mission Statement