​New Hampshire Family Visitation & Access Cooperative​

A continuum of services supporting family access and visitation programs

Armed security personnel for high risk cases

Cozy visit rooms with child-appropriate books, toys, and games

Fully equipped kitchen so meals can be prepared

​When is ARK Open?


ARK is open for exchanges and visits by appointment on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from   3:00 - 8:00 PM, and all day Sunday.

The Visitation Center will be closed during all major holidays.


​ A sliding fee based on income is available to all participants.  Court ordered visitations/exchanges are assigned payment responsibility by the court.  If there is no court order, fees will be split unless otherwise agreed upon by the parties.  Each party is required to issue a deposit before services will begin.

ARK Features:

Separate entrances for parents and staggered arrival/departure times

Trained Visitation Monitors for all cases


There are several ways a family may be referred to the All R Kids program.  Families may be referred by DCYF, Courts, GALs, Department of Corrections, Attorneys, Batterers Intervention Programs, Therapists, Crisis Centers, or they may refer themselves.

Who Can Benefit from All R Kids?

Parents who have a reported history of substance abuse

Parents who have current restraining order in effect

Parents who have a reported history of violent, intimidating, or harassing behavior during 

parent/child visits or exchanges

Parents who are experiencing conflict surrounding visitation or drop-off/pick-up exchanges of

their children

Any parent who has concerns that the noncustodial parent may abduct the child

Grandparents or other extended family members


What is ARK?

ARK provides a safe, neutral, child friendly environment for supervised visitation and exchange that promotes healthy interaction between family members.

Services Provided

Fully Supervised Visits


Semi-Supervised Visits

Monitored Exchanges

In Fully Supervised Visits, Center staff is present throughout the visit.  In Semi-Supervised Visits, Center staff periodically check on the visit.  In exchanges, Center staff facilitate the exchange of the child between parents.  No physical or visual contact is allowed between parents.

It is not the purpose of ARK staff to make recommendations or give opinions regarding present or future custody or visitation.

All R Kids is a Monadnock Family Services Program, funded in part by the Monadnock United Way, providing a safe and confidential space for supervised visits and monitored exchanges since 1992.

All individuals participating in services must come in for separate orientation sessions before visits may begin.  At this time copies of court orders, restraining orders, and other pertinent information should be supplied.

Confidential visit records

All R Kids Supervised Visitation Center (ARK)

Serving the Monadnock Region

Coordinator:  Sam Lafortune

22 North Street

Jaffrey, NH 03452

(603) 532-2426


For more information please visit our website at www.mfs.org